Photo Tours with Aloha Testimonials

“David, Thanks so much for making my photography session such an enjoyable and valuable learning experience! I appreciated your efforts to listen to my camera problems and arrive at ways to solve them. As you learned what I skills I needed and what camera subjects I liked, you quickly adjusted your lesson plans to fit my needs.  Your technique of giving advice and tips combined with demonstrations on your ipad/phone/camera worked for my learning skill and gave me clear examples to follow. Finally, you challenged and inspired me to improve my skills. Thanks so much for this great experience!  I am sending you the unedited version of the photo I took of you. After all your efforts to remind me to check the background before I take a picture, I figured you would get a good laugh at my results. Ha! Ha! Time to crop the photo.”   Penny

“What an amazing way to remember your Hawaii vacation!”  Tabi

“We honestly can’t thank you enough for everything! … My nephew, Jake, is still talking about “the professional pictures he took” & pretty sure my brother & sister-in-law will need to let Jake play around with their DSLR now! “ Shannon

“Uncle Beach, we all had an absolute ball and even 3 hours later, we are all talking about how much fun we had with you. You are truly gifted. These photos will be such special memories now and forever. Our time in Hawaii would not have been the same without these photos…”   Krista

“David thank you so much for a great afternoon and a great experience.., the kids had an awesome time and are still talking about “Uncle Beach”. Benvinda

“Aloha Birgit, You were so right about David. He was way beyond what we expected. Fantastic … I must tell you that we asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was, and Maddie said, “the photo session”. I promise. Grayson then said it was a tied between the photo session and the volcano! So there you go David. You beat all the other attractions on the big island.” Marianne photo safaris hawaii